Take control of your financial future Because being confident about money is sexy.

Welcome to Serendipity Securities

We believe that life has wonderful things in store for you, waiting to be discovered. Things like financial wellness and money confidence. We empower women, letting them know they own the pen to their story – and with a savvy financial team on their side, they can write with authority.

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This is bigger than us. Our mission is to promote financial literacy for women and children planetwide, and financial well-being for all.
Julie Tauriainen | Founder + CEO of Serendipity Securities


If you’re a mover and shaker, breaking glass ceilings and taking names, we think you’ll be right at home as our client. We work with women and their families across the country, including high-powered executives and business owners.

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I dig what I do! Our clients appreciate that I’m obsessed with helping people plan for their financial futures.
Julie Tauriainen | Founder + CEO of Serendipity Securities


If you need practical advice and a plan that’s easy to execute as you transition into retirement with or without a significant other, our team can be your guide. We’ll begin with a conversation that can help you picture how your next act unfolds.

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Helping women make smart financial decisions in a fun, collaborative environment is what we’re all about – that’s our COACH Approach®.
Julie Tauriainen | Founder + CEO of Serendipity Securities


If you have the conviction that money can be a force for positive change, you’re in good company. We can help you explore socially responsible investing strategies that are in line with your values and beliefs.

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