Our mission: Savvy Sisters, Planetwide

Yes, we are in the business of wealth management. But there’s a bigger picture. We are making sisters savvy planetwide, and our clients are a part of it. We believe that women won’t be equal until we understand our finances, and so we are on a mission to promote financial literacy.

From the inception of Serendipity Securities, we created a funding mechanism to put our mission into action. We set aside the first percent of our total management fees to support women’s financial literacy projects around the world.

So far, we’ve wholeheartedly put our support behind WELI , the Women’s Education & Leadership Institute through Hartnell College Foundation in Salinas, California. This program, founded in 2011, advances the education and economic status of women and families in Monterey County.

We're also on track to fund budgeting lessons for girls in Julie's home state of Alaska and we've partnered with Power of Love Foundation to provide training and loans to empower women in Zambia to take care of themselves and their families. With purpose and enthusiasm, we're working toward our first milestone goal of 100 loan packages.

From Alaska to Zambia, from A to Z, we're making a difference. We're making sisters savvy planetwide!

© Julie Tauriainen